Perfumers Choice Valerie Eau De Parfum for Women 83ml

Perfumers Choice Valerie Eau De Parfum for Women 83ml

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Perfumers Choice Valerie Eau De Parfum for Women 83ml
  • TOP NOTE : Blackcurrant, Citrus.
  • MIDDLE NOTE : Musky, Vanilla, Woody.
  • BASE NOTE : Espresso Coffee, Orange Blossom. 
Perfumer's Choice Valerie Eau De Parfum 83ml is a great choice for perfume freaks as it is good to smell, and it lasts longer. It is Parfum so it contains highest potency of fragrance that assures its long lasting quality. Valerie is all about your soulful urge to discover your inner self that is expressive and instinctive at the same time.  If you are one those few people in the world who live life on your own terms, Valerie are the balancing expression of that arresting power that can upturn the world with love, passion, and warmth all around you.

Designed and manufactured by Perfumer's Choice, Valerie 83ml radiates all the uniqueness of a luxury perfume that is all about exuberance, pleasure, and pure bliss. Order today the perfume and enjoy free perfume vouchers to offer expensive perfumes at inexpensive price only for you.

The luxury-perfume Valarie smell floral in its first instance, but its amazing value is embedded in its super special notes. The arty mix of musky, woody, and vanilla along with coffee blended orange blossom is revitalizing. The base note of this perfume is surrounded by Citrus blackcurrant smell for final fulfillment and refinement of your soul.


Fragrance Classification: Eau de Toilette
Fragrance Family: Woody
Fragrance Segment: Luxury
Quantity: 83 ml
Ideal For: Women

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