Try these Easy Halloween make up this Year and Enjoy a Little More

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Halloween is indeed the most fun festival celebrated in western countries. The fun of scaring our neighbours and going for a Halloween themed party is quite an exciting thought already. But are you a lazy bee who likes to party with the least effort? Well, if yes, then we have some fun and easy makeup ideas for you. have a look-

Halloween makeup products

Scarecrow Makeup- Halloween makeup can never be this easy, especially for all the procrastinators we have in town. All you need is some orange and black hair colour wax from Beautyzaa at an affordable price. Apply it on the apple of your cheeks and the tip of your nose. Give it detailing with your black eyeliner, apply orange/red lip colour, and you are ready. For hair, pin up some hay in them and leave them messy.

Mermaid Makeup- Another interesting makeup look to consider is that of a mermaid. You will need some neon hair wax colours and a net/mesh cloth. Firstly, cover your face with the net/mesh cloth and apply one colour beside the other. Now remove the net/mesh cloth. You will see a beautiful pattern on your face that looks like the skin of a fish. To make it look more promising, apply hair wax on some parts of your locks and add stone detailings around your lips and eyes. Wear a blingy dress and voila.

Playcard Makeup- Level up your makeup skills with this idea. Tear a playing card in two pieces diagonally. Apply your regular makeup on the face and eyes. Now on your right cheek, stick the playing card with the help of skin-friendly glue. Remember to stick it from the torn edge. Same way, stick the other part on one corner of your forehead. Now either take flour dough or glue and layer it on top of one layer. This way you will get a deep cut like texture. Let it dry and apply red hair wax on it. You will have a gorgeous looking face that can be flaunted at the party.

Fork and Sprinkle Makeup- This one will make you look majestic and frightening at the same time. Take a toothbrush and dip it in thick black paint. Sprinkle it on your face and neck lightly. Now take a black eyeshadow, and apply it to the t-zone of your forehead. Do the same with your eyelids and under your eyes. Take a fork and at the backside of it sprinkle water. Dip the fork in black powder and apply it on top of the eyeshadow, excluding the eyelid. Make a messy open hairstyle, and you are all good to go.

All these makeup ideas would be of great help to get you ready for the Halloween parties. You can get Halloween makeup products at a very reasonable price at Beautyzaa. Avail of these products at a discounted price as they have a few coupon codes running currently.

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