Use Best Hair Oils for Perfect Growth and Lustrous Locks

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Every girl dreams to have shiny, healthy-looking hair but only a few lucky ones are able to achieve their dream. Healthy and shiny hair is not a result of a few days of good hair care but it takes years to follow a strict hair care regimen to obtain soft and shiny hair. Oiling the hair is a common hair care routine that is commonly adopted by one and all because oil has the properties to moisturize and softens the hair and makes it look healthy. Applying oil on hair is essential because our hair is unable to moisturize itself, unlike the skin. Though our hair follicles produce sebum that keeps hair healthy and hydrated but this natural process doesn't always work due to our modern lifestyle. The natural sebum produced is just not enough to keep our hair moisturized so we all need good hair oil supplements to provide protection to our hair. With many varieties of oils available, you need to choose the best hair oil depending upon your hair types and needs. All the oils available are not good for everyone, as you need to choose the oil depending upon your hair type and the benefits you want to achieve after applying.

Relaxing head massage with hot oils is an age-old tradition practiced in almost every household in India, as oils are considered the biggest secret of beautiful hair. Over time, several hair oils have been introduced in the market that promise to be the best for hair growth. Hair oil moisturizes hair and provides nourishment, as these oils are made up of ingredients that have been scientifically proven to grow hair. Introducing hair oils in daily routine is beneficial as they actually seep into dehydrated strands and give hair the most hydrating benefits. Some of the other benefits of using oil for hair are:

Protects hair from heat damage - Applying hair on each strand with a protective layer of oil defends hair against heat damage.

Strengthens hair - Oil enhances the hair elasticity making it less prone to breakage.

Hydrates and prevents frizz - Oils being rich in vitamin E and fatty acids create a barrier preventing strands from losing precious moisture and also prevents humidity to enter the hair shaft and keep frizz at bay.

Promote hair growth - The use of the best hair oils hydrate and strengthens the hair shaft and avoids hair breakage, making hair grow more quickly.

Prevent harmful effects of UV - Some organic hair oils have plant phenols that have the natural ability to reverse the harmful effects of UV radiation on the hair.

Among the different varieties of hair oils available in the market, some of the best hair oils that are often recommended by hair experts are coconut oil, almond oil, argan oil, olive oil, and mustard oil. However, coconut oil is the most trusted and the best hair oil recommended for hair growth. This oil promotes hair growth and prevents hair breakage, as it does not evaporate and stay locked due to its moisture-retaining properties. Loaded with fatty acids, coconut oil moistures the deepest layers of the scalp to provides lustrous and silky hair.

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